TWD – Blue (Black) Berry Pie

July 8, 2008
slant shot

For TWD this week Amy of South in Your Mouth selected Double Crusted Blueberry Pie on pages 361-363.  I had fully planned to make a blueberry pie and have it for the 4th of July, you know for the whole red white and blue thing.  But alas, when I went to Sam’s to get cookout supplies, they had no blueberries 😦

But they did have blackberries, which are equally yummy!

The crust came together beautifully.  God bless a food processor… and the filling is a no-fuss, no-cooking breeze!

precooking shot
post-cooking shot

The only snag I ran into is the liquid.  Blackberries, as it turns out, are QUITE a bit juicier than a blueberry.  This resulted in a very, shall we say, moist pie.  So moist, that it spilled out of the slits and onto my pants in route to 4th festivities…

Not to be thwarted by a pie, upon arrival, I did what any sane (haha) person would do and simply tipped my pie sideways and drained the excess liquid into the grass >.>

The pie was still a bit damp, but still quite tasty.  My pop even said it was just like his mother’s which is high praise indeed.

So, blueberry or blackberry, this pie’s a keeper (just mind your liquid if you go black… I’m guessing more flour… or maybe go with cornstarch)

Looks a bit more like cobbler than pie...

Looks a bit more like cobbler than pie...



  1. Wow, it sounds like lots of people had runny pies. I’m glad you found a keeper though!

  2. Your blackberry pie looks luscious, if a little damp. I bet it tastes great!

  3. Looks delicious! I always have the liquid issue with fruit pies. This time, I doubled the flour and it was STILL liquidy, but better.

  4. I really had to laugh, when I imagined you pouring off your pie at the party! Whatever the case, if you got the “it’s just like mom’s” compliment, then you know you did good! Well done!

  5. Oh dear, while it sounds lovely after being drained thoroughly, I sure hope the juice came out of your pants! Nice job!

  6. Your pie looks great! Too funny about dumping the extra juiciness out. I think runny pies are the best kind with to eat with lots of ice cream.

  7. Your pie is such a nice golden color. I love it! Great job!

  8. Yum…I love blackberries so I’ll have to try that for my next pie. Yours looks amazing. Sorry about the pants!

  9. Almost a week later…. your pie is lovely! And sorry about the pants.

  10. Lovely pie! I like ’em runny, but probably not that runny…

    Something my grandmother should have told me–“A good cook is a good improviser!” (Actually, she did tell me, but in actions, not words.)

  11. For information on the American Pie Council and the 2008 APC Crisco National Pie Championships and winning pie recipes, visit http://www.piecouncil.org. Also, watch us on a Food Network Challenge in September.

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